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[alert] Oracle agents on AIX may not work in 2011 with OMS10g

Fuadar recently wrote : Grid Control AIX Alert

Basically, if you have an 10g oms Server (any OS / any release) and aix agents (any release), and according to Note 1171558.1, communication between [10g] Oracle Management Service and [AIX] Management Agents will break due to a default self-signed certificate expiring in 31 Dec 2010.

There is more than one way to solve this

1) you upgrade your oms to 11g. Good luck to do this before end of year…

2) You upgrade your oms to, apply patch 10034237 on your oms, create a new certificate, resecure all your agents. Pretty heavy stuff I promise.

3) You use a Third Party Certificate. This may work. I have not tested this for you.

4) You switch from https to http… this is of course not an acceptable workaround as the connection between the agent and the oms will be unsecure, but it may save your Silvester Party.

  • allow both secure and unsecure connections to the oms
  • on all your OMS instances

    opmnctl stopall
    emctl secure unlock
    opmnctl startall

  • switch all your agents to http
  • On all your AIX hosts with an agent installed

    emctl unsecure agent -omsurl http://omsserver:4890/em/*

    You can find the port for unsecure in your oms server in OMSHOME/sysman/config/ under oracle.sysman.emSDK.svlt.ConsoleServerPort.

Happy holidays !