import into UTF8 database

A common error when you import single-byte characters (e.g. iso8859p1 or mswin1252) into multi-bytes databases (e.g. utf8) is ORA-12899: value too large for column. The root cause is the default semantics in a database being BYTE SQL> select VALUE, ISDEFAULT from v$parameter where NAME=’nls_length_semantics’ VALUE ISDEFAULT ——- ——— BYTE TRUE It means, one char equals […]

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Whether you need to write in Chinese אני אוהב אותך Reverse your characters ʎuunɟ Play some chess ♔ or do some maths ≲∀∃∄∑ Unicode can helps you. It can be stored in the database, in email, in plain-text files. Read more : – Unicode Home Page