Toad 11.5 is out

The latest Toad is now in production, 11.5, get it from If you have an old license key, 9.6 or older, it may complain at installation time, just ignore. It will be fine at run time. Enhanced TAB browsing experience, nicer and more visible colors for your connection (production=red…), read-only connections. Currently it still… Continue reading Toad 11.5 is out

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Close tabs in Toad

Sometimes you wait a feature for so long that even if it is small and common, you feel greatly happy In Toad Greatly replace the “right-click” + “close tab”

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TNSNAMES and Active Directory

It is highly probable you already have MS AD in your company. Probably you use a local tnsnames.ora. Apart from setting a Oracle Internet Directory or Oracle Virtual Directory, there is one more option that you may want to consider : AD. Ok, here is a bit of a road map : – Schema Extension… Continue reading TNSNAMES and Active Directory

Toad 11 is out!

OpenWorld season is open, while Oracle announced linux database appliance, Quest launched Toad11 ! I have been actively beta-testing toad 11 and I am excited to download it. 421Mb for the 11.0 Commercial installer, 41Mb for the READ-ONLY version 🙂

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On using Toad against a database

I got this question once again today in a previous post. What’s wrong by using Toad against a database? The worst case scenario: – some non-technical staff is clicking around in your production database with read-write access 🙁 The best-case scenario : – nobody has access to your database 🙂 Here is a short list… Continue reading On using Toad against a database

<CTRL> + .

Sometimes the simplest tricks just ease your life the nice way. While typing code in TOAD, I just found out those two handy keyboard shortcuts <CTRL> + . = Autocompletes tablenames <CTRL> + T = Popups the list of column names I want to select everything from emp and dept joined on deptno. SELECT*FROM E… Continue reading <CTRL> + .

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puzzled by Toad

one colleague just showed me how to insert duplicate rows in a table that has a primary key. create table t(x number primary key);[F5] Table created. insert into t values (1);[F5] 1 row created. insert into t values (1);[F5] 1 row created. Hey, what happened? It took me quite a while to figure out which… Continue reading puzzled by Toad

How to compare schema

If you have receive ddl statements from your developer and you want to check if it matches the current state of the development database, because the developer have done a lot of change in a quick and undocumented manner, what are your options? I found this handy feature in Toad : 1) I create my… Continue reading How to compare schema

Toad 9 is available

In the Metreon Theater, Quest announced toad 9. Steven Feuerstein presented one feature : Unit Testing in TOAD. Go to, unless you are a vi man