Unix ODBC Sybase

very similar to Unix ODBC Oracle instead of tnsnames, the connections are defined in $SYBASE/interfaces. the odbc.ini must exists as well in $SYBASE. if you test with unixODBC-devel, keep in mind to use /usr/bin/isql and not $SYBASE_OCS/bin/isql $ODBCSYSINI/odbc.ini [syb] Driver = Sybase16 DSN = syb ServerName=SYB01 $ODBCINI/odbcinst.ini [Sybase16] Description = Adaptive Server Enterprise Driver =… Continue reading Unix ODBC Sybase

powershell odbc sybase

Oracle goes there ==> …/oracle-odbc-hello-world-with-powershell.html To test Sybase ODBC driver with Powershell, it’s not much different configure the DsN with odbcconf or %SYSTEMROOT%\SysWOW64\odbcconf for the 32bits drivers under Windows 64. cmd /c “%SYSTEMROOT%\SysWOW64\odbcconf.exe /a {configdsn “”Adaptive Server Enterprise”” “”DSN=helloworld|database=mydb|port=25000|server=srv01″”}” The name of the driver is important. It is probably also called “Adaptive Server Enterprise” on… Continue reading powershell odbc sybase

Configure ORACLE_HOME for SQL Developer

The release V4.0 of sql developer is available for download : oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/downloads The doc is there : docs.oracle.com/cd/E39885_01/index.htm And read Jeff Smith twit’s and blog I requested some time ago a 64bit Windows version with JDK on Oracle SQL Developer Exchange and once again it got accepted. Okay, I have on my PC two Oracle… Continue reading Configure ORACLE_HOME for SQL Developer

scott.emp in Sybase

As part of my dba job, I have a few Sybase DBs around. I created the well known Oracle Scott tables to play with $ isql -U sa -P “” 1> sp_addlogin “scott”,”tiger7″ 2> go Password correctly set. Account unlocked. New login created. (return status = 0) 1> create database lsc01 2> go CREATE DATABASE:… Continue reading scott.emp in Sybase

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