Download Oracle software with the command line

When downloading software to my database server, I used to first download locally and later copy to my Unix box… but wouldn’t be convenient to download it directly on the database server? Quite often, you get no X and no Browser and no Internet access on your datacenter. Therefore, we’ll use wget to the purpose.… Continue reading Download Oracle software with the command line on AIX

just released today only in Enterprise Edition at the moment, and now available on HPUX, zLinux and AIX #oracle12c #db12102 is out for a bunch of platform #aix #os390 #hpux #zlinux — laurentsch (@laurentsch) November 17, 2014 This is the first and last patchset for 12cR1 #oracle is the last patch set for… Continue reading on AIX

to R1 or to R2

In the past, most of my customers skipped R1 releases. That is, 8.1.7 -> 9.2 -> 10.2 -> 11.2. SAP does the same. For the very first time SAP plans to go to + some PSU in spring 2015. But only to avoid running out of support and without any fancy feature like Multitenant… Continue reading to R1 or to R2


#db12cR2 release announced for 2016, Doc ID 742060.1 — laurentsch (@laurentsch) September 5, 2014

The new metalink interface

I just started using the New My Oracle Support User Interface It is a zero-flash interface with more capabilities than the “html” interface we used the previous years. It still provides about the same browser experience as the flash one. Have a try… according to Oracle : “it will eventually replace the Flash version” To… Continue reading The new metalink interface


Just installed Oracle 11gR2 patchset 2 on Solaris Sparc 64bit, it works like a charm, waiting for the AIX patchset impatiently

my first ADR package

You got an internal error and want to create a zip of all relevant files. First, let’s generate an internal error. I found a quick way to generate an ora-600 or an ora-700 (which is a harmless ora-600 in 11g, read 737878.1) on oradeblog SQL> oradebug unit_test dbke_test dde_flow_kge_soft foo bar baz Statement processed. Now… Continue reading my first ADR package

I have read on Surachart Opun’s blog that is available, but also that the patchset is now a full installation. In the past, if you wanted to have or, you needed to install both the base version, or and the patchset, or Very often the patchset itself was… Continue reading

what’s up last weeks?

I just came back from diving, parasailing, safari and more fun in Egypt. On my blog I saw a comment from Nicolas regarding the availability of the terminal patchset for 10gR2 Note 161818.1: Oracle Database Releases Status Summary Patchset 8202632

Happy New Year 2010

It is quite a while I have not posted anything of interest, I pretty apologize to my faithful readers… the reason for being offline are multiple, one of them, I cannot access my blog from my workplace yet. Ok, the last hint from my dba regarding Oracle Support : If flash really drives you nuts,… Continue reading Happy New Year 2010

dealing with support

It is quite a long time I did shot the pianist in my blog… probably patience and perseverance are better than aggressive behavior, but today I have been transfixed by an answer from metalink. Sometimes the issues I submit are a bit exotic but there it was a join with one view using one function… Continue reading dealing with support

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future release dates of 11gR2

HPUX Itanium, Sun Sparc/x86_64, AIX –> october-december 2009 Windows, HPUX Risc –> april-june 2010 Ref: Release Schedule of Current Database Patch Sets Dates will change, keep an eye on the schedule, and do not base your business on expected dates ! Please be patient 🙂

Oracle on Mac

I just read a post from Barry Mc Gillin about apex on MacOsX. After having being using Vista for one year, I would really welcome a Mac as my next notebook. But what about Oracle Database on Mac OS X? According to otn, the latest release as of today is a deprecated 10gR1 for the… Continue reading Oracle on Mac

11g release 1 patchset 1

I just notice on Sven Blog that is available. I have recently upgraded my connection at home so it took a bit less than half an hour to download this 1.5G patchset $ wget -O… –10:17:40– Resolving…, Connecting to||:80… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK… Continue reading 11g release 1 patchset 1


I never used Oracle Web Conference OWC, for security reason. Today I created one SR and read first time about Demo It To Oracle (DITO). This is basically a link, which is a tool that records AVI file and converts AVI to flash SWF file. This is nice to have because you do need… Continue reading DITO

Software Configuration Manager

I just noticed today the Web 2.0 interface of metalink : The URL is, like Coftware Sonfiguration Manager (or maybe Configuration Software Manager). [edit: original name is: Configuration Support Manager] It seems nice, you can customize the portal with drag and drop, their is a blog too and a feedback button I am… Continue reading Software Configuration Manager

11g certification matrix

as of today, 24-AUG-2007, here is the certification matrix for Linux x86 OS Product Status SLES-10 11g Certified Red Hat Enterprise AS/ES 5 11g Certified Red Hat Enterprise AS/ES 4 11g Certified Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 11g Certified Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 11g Certified