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SPARC Supercluster

Oracle buys Sun was an exciting accouncement 20 months ago.

What did change in the Solaris/Oracle Database world?

First, Oracle delivered Exadata on Sun Hardware (x86_64).
Second, they delivered Exadata on Sun Solaris Operating System (x86_64).

But now, they announced a combination of software and hardware that will run Oracle database faster than anything ever before.

I am happy to read Oracle is still investing on R&D on the Sparc processors server line !

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last access time of a file

I was reading and there was a command about printing the modification details of a file.

In Linux / Cygwin “stat” exists as a command

$ stat /etc/hosts
Access: 2010-08-25 15:20:49.782522200 +0200
Modify: 2010-08-18 14:04:25.868114200 +0200
Change: 2010-08-18 14:04:26.072413100 +0200

Or use the one-liner perl below

### st_atime; /* Time of last access */
$ perl -e 'use POSIX;[-f"/etc/hosts"]&&print ctime((stat(_))[8])'
Wed Aug 25 15:20:08 2010
### st_mtime; /* Time of last data modification */
$ perl -e 'use POSIX;[-f"/etc/hosts"]&&print ctime((stat(_))[9])'
Wed Jun 10 11:36:40 2009
### st_ctime; /* Time of last file status change */
$ perl -e 'use POSIX;[-f"/etc/hosts"]&&print ctime((stat(_))[10])'
Wed Aug 25 01:00:07 2010

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OCE Solaris Network Admin

I read Paul Sorensen blog : Sun certifications will be renamed next week.

For instance the Sun Certified Network Administrator will be Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Solaris 10 Network Administrator.

But to get the OCE Solaris title, you need to upgrade your certification […] to receive an Oracle certification title (check more details on the Oracle Certification website here).

I never upgraded my Sun credentials, I am a Solaris 2.6 system admin and Solaris 7 network admin, but this equivalency with OCE surprised me.

There are even two OCM Java certifications : Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect, originally Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) and Oracle Certified Master, Java SE6 Developer, originally Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD)

Also, since a few months, there is an upgrade to the 9i OCM DBA certification : 11g OCM Upgrade. I hope I can do this one 🙂

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On Express Edition

If you want to start with developing free software on old technology, you can download the Oracle Database Express Edition.

Actually, Oracle 10g is more than 5 years old and it is the only version available as Express Edition, 11g has not been released at the time of the writing, and no patch has been released, not even for the worst bugs or security breaches.

Most probably you will not want to run this for your sensitive data.

If you are serious about Oracle Development, you could download the Enterprise Edition for free, and get the Personal Edition on Oracle Shop for support and patches.

Last Friday 13th August, a news/rumor (not an official announcement) was posted on the opensolaris forum, apparently OpenSolaris has been cancelled in favor of an Oracle Solaris 11 Express. Not sure if it will come in the same format as the database XE, but this does not sound to please the community.

After the Oracle sues Google, it does not make Oracle very popular in the opensource community at the very moment



long lines in ps output

In Solaris, the ps output is truncated, so if you have a command with many long parameters, you will not see them all.

If you are interested to see the parameters of a java program, /usr/bin/ps -ef will not give you the expected output

$ ps -ef | grep java
 ldapusr 10744 10692  0 09:50:23 ?        0:09
    /var/opt/mps/oracle/oid/jdk/bin/java -server -Djava

So you could use /usr/ucb/ps awwx to get the long line

$ /usr/ucb/ps awwx  | grep java
 10744 ?        S  0:09 /var/opt/mps/oracle/oid/jdk/bin/
java -server
oid/j2ee/oca/config/java2.policy -Djava.awt.headless=tru
e -Xmx256M -Djava.awt.headless=true -Doracle.ons.oracleh
ome=/var/opt/mps/oracle/oid -DIASHOST=novgaasdv01 -java.
/oracle/oid/oca/lib -DORACLE_HOME=/var/opt/mps/oracle/oi
d -Doracle.home=/var/opt/mps/oracle/oid -Doracle.ons.ora
clehome=/var/opt/mps/oracle/oid -Doracle.home=/var/opt/m
ps/oracle/oid -Doracle.ons.oracleconfighome=/var/opt/mps
/oracle/oid -Doracle.ons.clustername=C_160.
7189.1119d9146e1.-8000 -Doracle.ons.instancename=oid1014
.novgaasdv01 -Dopmn.compatible=904 -Doracle.ons.indexid=
oca.default_island.1 -Doracle.ons.uid=120848407 -Doracle
.oc4j.instancename=oca -Doracle.oc4j.islandname=default_
island -DOPMN=true -jar oc4j.jar -config /var/opt/mps/or
acle/oid/j2ee/oca/config/server.xml -properties -propert
ies -ports ajp:12502,rmi:12402,jms:12602

Apparently some OS have the ps -w flag to get long lines. Read Note 395113.1 on Metalink (or man ps)