SPARC Supercluster

Oracle buys Sun was an exciting accouncement 20 months ago. What did change in the Solaris/Oracle Database world? First, Oracle delivered Exadata on Sun Hardware (x86_64). Second, they delivered Exadata on Sun Solaris Operating System (x86_64). But now, they announced a combination of software and hardware that will run Oracle database faster than anything ever… Continue reading SPARC Supercluster

RAC exam

I have attend the RAC beta exam this afternoon. 181 questions in 3.5 hours, it is a lot of questions! I prepared by reading the 2-day dba RAC document. There are also some questions about Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) with physical and logical standby. Also some question which are Linux speci I have been short… Continue reading RAC exam

RAC workshop

As announced, I have been speaking for Credit Suisse employees last week. The objective was to give the database project and team leaders the keys arguments for going or not going to RAC. First : what is RAC ? Oracle Real Application Cluster. You have a shared storage, and two instances accessing the same database.… Continue reading RAC workshop

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Fit for RAC

I will be speaking tomorrow in German and Wednesday in English in Credit Suisse Bank. The workshop is about the differences between single instance and RAC Some of them : architecture, availability, scalability, manageability, skills required, price. I will talk also about the operational aspects, upgrade, dictionary, parameter file.

rac automation

Werner Puschitz talked yesterday about Automated Oracle Real Application Clusters Deployment: How Dell Does IT. The result of the automation is, install a 6 nodes cluster in 30 minutes. Which is quite impressive. Werner divided the automation in three RPM packages. 1) configure the host: set up private and virtual interface (according to a naming… Continue reading rac automation

Suse10 10gR2 Laptop RAC

Hi, [EDIT] I did read Dizwell article about Linux 10g Laptop RAC. The article is no longer available [/EDIT] I have just installed RAC 10gR2 on Suse10. The document above guided me thru the steps. Specific Suse10 : – raw devices are configured by editing /etc/raw with values like raw1:loop1 and must be activated with… Continue reading Suse10 10gR2 Laptop RAC

rac again

I remembered the time in 9iR2 when load/balancing was just dicing between the instance. In 10gR2, I noticed that load balancing is much better. I did a test, start 28 sessions from an external client, 12 went to node 1, 12 to node 2. Very impressive. In 10gR2 RAC, the listener gets statistics collected by… Continue reading rac again

rac day 1

This first RAC day was intense! My neighbour and I just installed clusterware, configure iscsi to use LUN in SUSE and started ASM and a clustered Database! all doc are on