Wake up SF, Oracle is coming !

I just arrived at San Francisco and meet my colleague Daniel and Lutz Hartmann. Thanks Dani for driving us to SF and thanks Lutz for the Indian food in the restaurant where we ended last year during Blogger 2006 Meetup 🙂 . By the way do not miss 2007 Meetup organized by Mark Rittman : oow 2007 blogger meetup

I took the cable car from Lutz hotel to the Fishermann’s Wharf. Here it is raining, but well, in Zurich it was snowing and the wind was so cold that they needed to unfreeze the aisles of the plane before take off!

In less than 8 hours the 11g exam cram is starting at Moscone South 104 ! My notebook clock is still set to Sun Nov 11, 10:10 am, I will try to sleep until 7am…

get certified at openworld

On Sunday you can assist to the 11g exam cram from 9am to 5pm. It may be too late to register, I tried anyway :
11g db Exam Cram

Then you may want to get your OCP credentials for a discount price.
on-site testing

The Oracle Database 11g New Features for Administrators exam will be available in beta version during the conference. Beta exams are not available at Oracle OpenWorld 2007.

If I read this correctly, it means 11g New Features is available during the conference but not at the conference 😯

OOW schedule

I have start building my schedule. There are about 1722 sessions to chose from this year, so choice is difficult!

Due to jet-lag, I mostly cannot do all what I planed. And I also like to spent some time by the exhibitors and the boosts.

Ok, the one I will not miss :
Steven Feuerstein : Break Your Addiction to SQL!
Amit Ganesh : Oracle Database 11g: The Next-Generation Data Management Platform
Bryn Llewellyn : Doing SQL from PL/SQL: Best and Worst Practices
Thomas Kyte : The Top 10–No, 11–New Features of Oracle Database 11g
Lucas Jellema : The Great Oracle SQL Quiz