Book review : EM12c

OCM Oracle ACE Porus Homi Havewala wrote a new book on Cloud Control Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Managing Data Center Chaos It is a book about Enterprise Manager, but also a book about the Chaos. There is no separation of roles […] there is no DBA Designer (the Senior DBA) […] and no… Continue reading Book review : EM12c

Ow yes it is a “c” !

Rumours about what would come after 8i (internet) 10g (grid) were around, but now it is official, there will be an Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Read more : And in the blogosphere

OEM 10gR3 is out!

emgrid is not the second patchset of 10gR2, it is Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Release 3. Well, it is still called a patch set and must be applied to or But it is a new release ! You can download the soft and the doc on otn Out of the… Continue reading OEM 10gR3 is out!

OEM Generic service

I want to monitor the output of one script in OEM. Let’s say my script is that easy : #!/bin/ksh echo $RANDOM So I go to OEM 10gR2 Grid Control All Targets Add Generic Service – Go Name : random Select System : EM Website System Define availability based on: Service Test Test Type: custom… Continue reading OEM Generic service

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How To Add The Domain Name Of The Host To Name Of The Agent

I have been looking for this note for ages : Metalink note 295949.1 Now I know how to rename my targets in Grid Control! the trick is to stop the agent AH/emctl stop agent to remove the upload and state files/subdirectories cd AH/sysman/emd find state upload recv agntstmp.txt lastupld.xml protocol.ini -type f -exec rm {}… Continue reading How To Add The Domain Name Of The Host To Name Of The Agent

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grid control release 2

I am waiting for eomgc 10gR2 for AIX so I check the download page often. Instead of adding new plateforms, I notice they just removed Solaris ! Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 2 ( for Solaris Operating System (SPARC) google cache

oem grid control 10gR2 on Suse10

Last friday I installed RAC on my Suse10. Today, I installed Grid Control. Of course it is not supported. The packages I neeeded additionaly are db1 and openmotif. It did not work 100%. I finally started the iasconsole (emctl start iasconsole), and within the iasconsole, I restarted the failed elements. I created the repository manually… Continue reading oem grid control 10gR2 on Suse10

lock system, restrict dbsnmp

An unlocked user is a security problem. Currently, all my unlocked users have only CREATE SESSION as system privilege, evtl ALTER SESSION. Except SYS, SYSTEM and DBSNMP To minimize this security problem, I implemented the following strategy on my test system. 1) delete password file, set remote_login_passwordfile=NONE, O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY=FALSE 2) alter user SYSTEM account lock; 3a)… Continue reading lock system, restrict dbsnmp

Grid without X

We just received new PCs. Brand new with XP. Nice? Let’s see! As usual, I started my Exceed and logged on my AIX server. I tried to start the Grid Control Engine (opmn). Hard luck. Failed to start OC4J instance 🙁 The first problem is, when I installed the Grid, my old workstation DISPLAY name… Continue reading Grid without X