updatedb does not work with samba drives and cygwin

updatedb and locate are parts of the findutils package, which exists since a long time on most unix / linux flavors. Something I never get worked is to search for files on network drives with Cygwin, I always got : find: /cygdrive/y/Favorites/Links/del changed during execution of find (old inode number -474324984, new inode number -44545478 […]

How to cron?

RTFM is not the best answer … man crontab SunOS 5.10 Last change: 10 Nov 2005 User Commands crontab(1) A crontab file consists of lines of six fields each. The fields are separated by spaces or tabs. The first five are integer patterns that specify the following: minute (0-59), hour (0-23), day of the month […]

read user-input in plsql

How can I read user input in plsql? kind of begin write(‘Enter a value for x : ‘); read(x); write(‘you enterred ‘||x); end; / the short answer is : you cannot do that. Ok, let’s try to do it in Linux ! $ cat interactiveplsql.sql set feedb off create or replace directory tmp as ‘/tmp’; […]

xhost + is a huge security hole

Maybe you have a firewall in your company, only your PC can access the production server, only you have the root password in prod, and your company spend a lot of money in security, but you dare using xhost +. This is a huge security hole, because it gives anyone access to your X resources, […]

Installation Oracle on Suse Linux Enterprise 10

How neat is Suse! I downloaded the DVD SLES10 on Novell.com. At the installation time, appart from Gnome, Development, X Window, there are a few new categories. One of them is called Oracle Database, and guess what, it installs all what I needed for Oracle. It creates an oracle account, with oinstall as primary group […]

Application Server 10gR3 on Suse Linux 10

I just download and installed Oracle Application 10g Release 3 on my linux box. The version released this week is very light! No ldap, no database, well, a light one… Application Server 10g Release 3 x86: 531 MB Included: * Oracle HTTP Server * Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) * Oracle Enterprise Manager […]

oem grid control 10gR2 on Suse10

Last friday I installed RAC on my Suse10. Today, I installed Grid Control. Of course it is not supported. The packages I neeeded additionaly are db1 and openmotif. It did not work 100%. I finally started the iasconsole (emctl start iasconsole), and within the iasconsole, I restarted the failed elements. I created the repository manually […]

Suse10 10gR2 Laptop RAC

Hi, [EDIT] I did read Dizwell article about Linux 10g Laptop RAC. The article is no longer available [/EDIT] I have just installed RAC 10gR2 on Suse10. The document above guided me thru the steps. Specific Suse10 : – raw devices are configured by editing /etc/raw with values like raw1:loop1 and must be activated with […]

oracle10gR2 on suse10

I prefer and recommend using Oracle on a supported version, like Suse Entreprise 9, because the installation is fair. The Installer does complain on SLES9 what is missing. Ok, I just received a brand new notebook, I decided to go to Suse 10, and, Ô Miracle, the installation was pretty easy! I surely installed C++ […]