SOUG-Tagung 09/2

I am impatient to speak in the swiss oracle user group next month March 18, 2009, Baden-Daettwil I will be presenting an XML session regarding selecting XML from the database. select xmlserialize(document xmlcol) from agenda;   12:00 Empfang und Registrierung SOUG Sekretariat 12:30 Stehlunch im Foyer Seminarraum Schottky 13:00 21. Ordentliche Generalversammlung der SOUG,… Continue reading SOUG-Tagung 09/2

Speaking in Stockholm

It’s a great honor for me to be invited to speak in Sweden in December 10-11 ! I am optimistic in getting a few copies of my book to give away πŸ™‚

Obfuscation contest

I have been challenged to participated (my script : lsc2.sql) and now challenged to explain my query by Chen Ok, I give a try. To make the query unreadable and unformatable I used no space, no new line, and I started by q’

Concours SQL

I tried my chance at Le petit jeu des requΓͺtes SQL and yesterday received my price at home. Thanks to the author for organizing the competition πŸ™‚ Next milestone : obfuscation contest

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Openworld schedule

I exported to CSV, formated and printed my schedule I will have to add the Unconferences too. Saturday I have a long long day to flight to San Francisco 😎

OOW schedule

I have start building my schedule. There are about 1722 sessions to chose from this year, so choice is difficult! Due to jet-lag, I mostly cannot do all what I planed. And I also like to spent some time by the exhibitors and the boosts. Ok, the one I will not miss : Steven Feuerstein… Continue reading OOW schedule

SIG SOUG: times ten

I have been to a SOUG last Thursday. We first had a presentation from Thomas Koch about performance in Zurich Kantonalbank. As I have been working as a DBA for about two years in that bank, I already had my opinion about performance there πŸ˜• The second presentation was about TimesTen. I must say I… Continue reading SIG SOUG: times ten

Fit for RAC

I will be speaking tomorrow in German and Wednesday in English in Credit Suisse Bank. The workshop is about the differences between single instance and RAC Some of them : architecture, availability, scalability, manageability, skills required, price. I will talk also about the operational aspects, upgrade, dictionary, parameter file.

OOW 2K6 day 1

I tried to watch the keynotes yesterday, but it is just to difficult to sit and not sleep for me… so I have seen only a few minutes of each one. The PL/SQL 11g session was excellent, I wrote an overview in a separate post. I started the afternoon with APC session, about the importance… Continue reading OOW 2K6 day 1


Justin just posted a few pictures of OOW in otn blog. I also posted somes on the flickr group Eddie Awad created : Since the group is public, feel free to join and post there too if you like. Here is one view of SF that make me feel in Germany :

not enough time to do all

I updated my calendar for Oracle Open World. By rechecking the location, I figured out I did book to much. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to steven feuerstein session S281918 on monday, because it starts at the same time as tom session ends. I had a difficult choice for tuesday : –… Continue reading not enough time to do all

I am in!

I just confirm my registration, got my badge and my bag. I also have my room at Fishermanns Wharf. Today I am going to China Town and in the evening to E&O -do not confuse with I/O- for the Ace dinner.

SOUG last week

The documents from last SOUG special interest group with Tom Kyte are now available for downloadable on the homepage (under history). The day started with Sven Vetter, who talked about SLA management pack for Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR2. We saw also how to define a custom shell script and let OEM generate a… Continue reading SOUG last week


Sunday, November 26th, 2006, I will defend my Title in the Chinese Chess Swiss Championship. It is free and open to anyone !

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Swiss Oracle User Group

On wednesday, there is a DBA day in the SOUG community. DBA-SIG 06/4 The highlight of this session will be Tom Kyte, speaking about Oracle System Architecture. Check the homepage of SOUG.CH for registration

_Workshop _be_informed_

Tomorrow LC Systems is organizing an event about Identity Management in Zurich. The focus will be on Sun Java System Directory Server and Oracle Virtual Directory.

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oow2k6 sessions

the sessions I registered with for oracle open world 2006 are the following : Monday 10:45 : Bryn LLewellyn, PLSQL Manager, will talk about PLSQL future in the next release (11g) : session S281172 Monday 12:30 : Andrew Clarke, Oracle ACE, will talk about unit testing in PL/SQL : session 282112 Monday 15:15 : Thomas… Continue reading oow2k6 sessions

OpenWorld Connect Group Oracle Blogger

I created a new group in OpenWorld Connect. In San Francisco I would like to meat other people writing and reading blogs. If you have not actived openworld connect yet, you can update your profile on, than join the Oracle Blogger group at Oracle Blogger

Oracle OpenWorld 2006

I just registered to Oracle OpenWorld in October in San Francisco… Well, I know it is a long long long way to the west, but I will survive again, but this time I will avoid Delta Airlines, they refused to serve me a glass of wine last year in the plane! I am going to… Continue reading Oracle OpenWorld 2006

bughouse tournament

I will be playing the The Geneva Bughouse Gathering 2006 tournament on Sat 19th August 2006. It is a variant of chess, very wild, played with four players in teams of two. The photo on my profile has been taken in the 2005 edition.

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Germany we are coming

Germany we are coming Originally uploaded by laurentschneider. this cow is funny, it is quite exceptional for Switzerland to play in the World Cup !

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oracle 7 bin

oracle 7 bin Originally uploaded by laurentschneider. end of life of oracle 7 reference, cd and documentation