alter user identified by values in 11g

I wrote about dba_users changes in 11g . When spooling alter user commands in 11g, it is important to understand the mechanism. Oracle 11g supports both sensitive and insensitive passwords. When issuing an CREATE/ALTER USER IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD, both the insensitive and the sensitive hashes are saved. SQL> create user u identified by u; User […]


Sven’s Technik-Blog » Blog Archive » Oracle für Linux x86 ist verfügbar… Patchset 6810189 is now available for Download on Metalink. select * from v$version; BANNER —————————————————————- Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release – Prod PL/SQL Release – Production CORE Production TNS for Linux: Version – Production NLSRTL Version […]

add a new language to Oracle

I first thought of adding Klingon. Well, finally I added Romansh, which is the fourth official language in my country. Ok, here we go : $ $ORACLE_HOME/nls/lbuilder/lbuilder & The Oracle Locale Builder tool is started. File –> New… –> Language You specify the language, the spelling for January, for Monday, etc… Most fields are mandatory. […]

milliseconds in alert log

In Oracle11g the alert log is an XML file. The old style alertSID.log is created out of the log.xml for backward compatibility only. However, some exciting enhancement are not noticable in the old one. $ tail -3 alert*.log Mon Feb 04 15:52:38 2008 ALTER SYSTEM SET recyclebin=’OFF’ SCOPE=SPFILE; ALTER SYSTEM SET recyclebin=’ON’ SCOPE=SPFILE; If I […]

How to resolve ORA-09925 ?

This morning I had to solve an ORA-09925: Unable to create audit trail file and it was not as straightforward as usual… There is a note 69642.1 on Metalink, [edit]which is now up to date for 10gR2[/edit]. 1) AUDIT_FILE_DEST is not writable $ env _=/usr/bin/env ORACLE_SID=FOO TERM=dtterm ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_3 PWD=/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_3 $ $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus -L “/ as sysdba” […]

Oracle 11g Hot patching

Online Patching : you can apply or roll back online patches while the RDBMS instance is running 1) download an interim patch for 11g, f.ex. dummy patch 6198642 2) unzip 3) cd 6198642 4) $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch apply -silent -connectString LSC08 -runSql Invoking OPatch Oracle Interim Patch Installer version Copyright (c) 2007, Oracle Corporation. […]

Oracle Database 11g: The Top Features for DBAs and Developers

I am always delighted to read the top features by Arup Nanda. He started his 11g series : Oracle Database 11g: The Top Features for DBAs and Developers There are many partitioning enhancements. The most exciting feature for me is the INTERVAL partitioning. A huge cause of downtime and waste of storage is the range […]

ORA-01466: unable to read data – table definition has changed

I re-edited this post and it is unresolved yet. I thought it was related to system time, but apparently not 😮 SQL> create table t(x number); Table created. SQL> set transaction read only ; Transaction set. SQL> select * from t; select * from t * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01466: unable to read data […]

dbms_xplan and v$sql_plan

do not miss yas comment ! tested in 10.2 create or replace procedure explain_plan(hash_value number) is begin insert into plan_table select null, (select nvl(max(plan_id),0)+1 from plan_table), timestamp, remarks, operation, options, object_node, object_owner, object_name, object_alias, null, object_type, optimizer, search_columns, id, parent_id, depth, position, cost, cardinality, bytes, other_tag, partition_start, partition_stop, partition_id, other, other_xml, distribution, cpu_cost, io_cost, temp_space, […]

constraints for referential integrity

On the forums I answered a question about referential integrity. How can you delete/update a parent row when the child exist ? SQL> create table continent( 2 name varchar2(10), 3 constraint continent_pk primary key(name)); Table created. SQL> create table country( 2 name varchar2(10), 3 continent varchar2(10), 4 constraint country_pk 5 primary key(name), 6 constraint […]

How to avoid ORA errors when dropping inexistant objects

There were a similar question in the otn forums today. Ok, when I have to run a script in production, the operators complain about errors like ORA-00942 table or view does not exist. Of course I can provide some documentation to explain what can be ignored, but then they then tend to ignore all ORA […]

backup database keep forever logs

If you want to keep some backups forever, you maybe tried RMAN> backup database keep forever logs; Starting backup at 13.04.2007 13:58:04 … backup will never be obsolete archived logs required to recover from this backup will expire when this backup expires … Finished backup at 13.04.2007 13:58:23 but the problem is that the archivelogs […]

why is bitmap index not designed for OLTP

In case you do not know it yet, having a bitmap on columns like GENDER(male/female) is a very bad practice in OLTP, because each insert does lock the whole table create table t(name varchar2(10), gender varchar2(10)); create bitmap index bi on t(gender); +——————————–+ +——————————–+ | Session 1 | | Session 2 | +——————————–+ +——————————–+ | […]

user identified externally with SSL certificate

Today I configured my database to identify users with certificates. Check my previous post listener with tcps to find out how to configure a listener with SSL, which is a requisite. Ok, I have a listener.ora and a tnsnames.ora with SSL. I do not need a sqlnet.ora, the default values work. listener.ora LISTENER= (DESCRIPTION_LIST= (DESCRIPTION= […]

listener with tcps

How can you use SSL to encrypt your network traffic? Here is how I did it. Install Oracle Certification Authority 10.1.4 you need a CA to approve a certification request Install Oracle Database 10gR2 Enterprise Edition with Advanced Security Options Start Wallet Manager from Database Oracle Home, start $ORACLE_HOME/bin/owm create a new Wallet define a […]

Monitoring the age of the last backup with OEM

My customer wants to receive alerts if a database has not been backed up (either unsuccessful backup or no backup) for ages. As the customer have Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR2, I started using User Defined Metric (UDM) yesterday. Thanks Troy for his comment at OEM Generic Service I would do 2 checks, backup […]

search for a string in all tables of a schema

this is often asked on the forums. I also needed this a while ago while reverse engineering a database model. Here is my today solution: 1) select * and extract the first column found per table with regexp (10g) SQL> select table_name,column_name from (select rownum,table_name, regexp_substr(dbms_xmlgen.getxml(‘select * from “‘||table_name||’”‘),'<[^>]*>&string</[^<]*>’) column_name from user_tables) where length(column_name)!=0; Enter […]