Active Dataguard : read only with apply

A common frustration with standby is that your database is doing nothing else than applying logs. One may want to run some reports on it. Usually, the database is MOUNTED and not OPEN. This means, apart from selecting from DUAL and performance views like v$$managed_standby or v$session, there is little you can do. Possibly, you […]

Changing the log apply delay (DelayMins)

Whenever you change the DelayMins setting in Dataguard, you must remember it affects only logs that have not been shipped yet. DGMGRL> show database sDB01 delaymins DelayMins = ‘5’ DGMGRL> edit DATABASE sDB01 set property delaymins=2; Property “delaymins” updated ARC3: Archive log thread 1 sequence 3199 available in 5 minute(s) Tue Dec 03 15:34:59 2013 […]