Oracle Certification Portal

On the certification portal, you can now view your certification. This replace the original Sun Certmanager (used to be and it provides you an interface to publish your information to third parties. Both Sun and Oracle Certifications are visible. If you publish your information, your recipient will receive a link that will show… Continue reading Oracle Certification Portal

OCM 11g upgrade

Last Friday I went to Munich for THE upgrade exam. I have a few recommendations based on my preparation. DISCLAIMER: no recommendation is based on the exam Check you have a similar environment. You will get 11gR1 database and 10g entreprise manager. Personnaly I did my preparation on 11gR2 and 11g/12c em, I did not… Continue reading OCM 11g upgrade

OCE Solaris Network Admin

I read Paul Sorensen blog : Sun certifications will be renamed next week. For instance the Sun Certified Network Administrator will be Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Solaris 10 Network Administrator. But to get the OCE Solaris title, you need to upgrade your certification […] to receive an Oracle certification title (check more details on the… Continue reading OCE Solaris Network Admin

certification blog

I just notice a new blog on : Oracle Certification Blog This is probably the right place to ask questions or get news about certification. Out of the many questions I may ask here are just a few I am preparing. – When will the OCM upgrade for 9i OCM be available ? –… Continue reading certification blog

11g certification

The 11g OCP certification should be available this year. You can register for the production exam 1Z0-050 New Features on Prometrics and pass the exam on Mon Feb 18th or later, the OCA exams 1Z1-051 SQL Fundamentals and 1Z1-052 Admin I are in beta and the OCP exam 1Z1-053 Admin II is planned for early… Continue reading 11g certification

SQL Expert?

I have attended the sql certified expert beta exam this morning. There were a lot of errors in it, I added in the comment that they have to groundly review their regular expressions questions. There were a lot of rubbish question, but hardly any challenge, it is more like detecting the incorrect syntax. So I… Continue reading SQL Expert?

RAC exam

I have attend the RAC beta exam this afternoon. 181 questions in 3.5 hours, it is a lot of questions! I prepared by reading the 2-day dba RAC document. There are also some questions about Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) with physical and logical standby. Also some question which are Linux speci I have been short… Continue reading RAC exam

Oracle Certification

I have been waiting for three years for the OCM 10g upgrade certification. Still waiting… OCM DBA 10g Upgrade Gavin just posted about the Oracle Expert Program The beta phase has started for 1Z1-046 Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs and 1Z1-048 Administering Real Application Clusters. Those exams will lead to Linux and RAC Certified… Continue reading Oracle Certification

OCM preparation

The OCM 10g Upgrade is currently under development, and the OCM 10g exam should be available in May. How will I prepare for the 10g OCM? Part I, get confident with the environment : According to, the exam will be on redhat AS3 with DB RHAS3 is not free. If I had not… Continue reading OCM preparation

OCP Column

There is a new INSIDE OCP column in the Oracle Magazine this month (May-June 2006 Edition). It is about the Application Server exam. In the magazine, it is referenced as 1Z1-311, but the beta phase ended half a year ago, so the exam is now production 1Z0-311. I could guess most answers, and I hope… Continue reading OCP Column

OCM 10g

The 10g OCM practicum, expected for 2004, is now officially launched. Oracle Database 10g Certified Master Exam Well, depending on your country, you will get a ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: invalid LOB locator specified: ORA-22275. In this case, just change your country to United States. Then you will see the details. If you… Continue reading OCM 10g

Details regarding the 10g DBA OCM requirements will be available in December

Well, when 10g certification came out, it said : “will be available in late 2004”. In March 2005, I contacted Oracle University in Germany. They said : keep watching Later, it said : “will be available in mid 2005”. In Open World, I met the certification principal, who meant it will start in December… Continue reading Details regarding the 10g DBA OCM requirements will be available in December

10g OCP

I just passed the OCP 10g new features exam this morning. The prometrics server was down at the beginning, after half an hour, I tried to logon but it was complaining the display support only 0 colors (well, how does a display with 0 color looks like?) After the support team there changed the resolution… Continue reading 10g OCP