edit search provider in IE7

In about:config in firefox I wrote about editting the search engine in firefox, for example to have google.ch instead of google.com.

This can be done in Microsoft Internet Explorer too, by regedit-ting

            Internet Explorer

about:config in firefox

I just discover about:config (type it in your location bar). It is a very simple configuration editor, with user settings in bold.

For example I like to use a local google version to search (google.ch instead of google.com), so I configured browser.search.defaulturl

wget from otn

wget is a well-known command line utility for downloading files from the internet/intranet.

I like to use the limit-rate, so that my coworkers still can surf. Until today, I never succeeded to download from otn, because wgetting software required me to log in and accept the export restriction

How to automate login is actually extremly easy :

1) open your mozilla browser, go to the page, login, accept the export, download the file, click properties, copy paste the “Saving From”, Cancel
2) find out where is located your cookies.txt file

$ find $HOME -name "cookies.txt"

3) wget

$ wget –load-cookies /home/lsc/.mozilla/default/86iy2n5j.slt/cookies.txt –limit-rate 250k http://download-uk.oracle.com/otn/compaq/oracle10g/10202/10202_database_HP-Tru64.zip
100%[++++++++++++++++++++++++++++======>] 1,081,211,566 254.98K/s ETA 00:00

16:48:05 (249.99 KB/s) – `10202_database_HP-Tru64.zip.1′ saved [1,081,211,566/1,081,211,566]

It works!