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I just discovered a best price for my book :

Which is obviously more money than I will ever get from my editor 🙁

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Book review : EM12c

OCM Oracle ACE Porus Homi Havewala wrote a new book on Cloud Control

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Managing Data Center Chaos

It is a book about Enterprise Manager, but also a book about the Chaos.

There is no separation of roles […] there is no DBA Designer (the Senior DBA) […] and no DBA Operator (the Junior DBA). The Senior […] does not even have the time […] the Junior then decides to try out different things

It is also a book about em. And about 12c. No mention of 12cR2, which is massively more performant.

I have been using 12c for about one year and multiple topics are covered. There is not much said on the Incident Manager, which seems to be powerfull but it is for me more time consuming than acknowledging the alerts in 10g/11g.

There is a huge advantage of using 12c, to deploy new agents and new targets in very large shops.

I have setup the software library in offline mode (download with pc from metalink and load in em with emcli), the offline fashion is not documented. In all the places where I have been working, an internet communication between outside world ( and database server is banned.

Lot’s of screenshots on Exadata. Not sure where the author could try it, the domain were grayed out (why not edit to with Photoshop? )

There is a lot of content (almost 400 pages), to mention only a few : Real Time ADDM, Real Application Testing, Database deployment, data masking.

At the end of book you will enjoy the case studies. Reading thru the lines, it is not always success stories, but rather expectations that em will do the job

The bank also wanted to ensure that their data center was in compliance with security best practices.

As in any IT book, you do not have to read it from page 1 to page 379, myself I have no DB Machine so I could skip the largest chapter which is on Exadata. But it is a pleasant lecture.

The book is very friendly with Oracle. I have experienced awful performance in 12cR1 and Internet Explorer, some annoying and unavoidable java exceptions in the web interface and the dumbest requirement for me was to install cygwin, bash, ssh on one windows server only to deploy the agent!

I recommend the book, it is a good book

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Over one million books sold!

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on my bookshelf

I just started a new job as a dba and placed some books on my desk.

Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals by Lex de Haan and Toon Koppelaars
SQL Design Patterns by Vadim Tropashko
Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration by Iggy Fernandez
Expert Oracle Database Architecture by Tom Kyte
Oracle 11g New Features by Brian Carr, John Garmany, V. J. Jain, Steve Karam and Lutz Hartmann
Advanced Oracle SQL Programming my book…

I have not worked as an 11g dba before, I will surely learn a lot in those books (and giveaway my book) !

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Book review: oracle sql developper

Sue Harper is the product manager for Oracle SQL developer. She is also the author of a book, Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 .

A bunch of Oracle blogger received a free online version of the book with the task to write a review.

I have read a few chapters and here are my general comments.

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+ The picture on the book is very nice, not related to SQL Developer, but shot by Sue 🙂 .

– There is no chapter on unit testing, which is one of the newest feature of SQL Developer. It is not very mature yet, but it is a good addition and free.

+ The book is not a marketing joke, the positioning against tool like TOAD is quite the way I see it.
page 1: The skeptics mentioned are ever concerned that Oracle is not really interested in the product,
backing up this concern with the fact that SQL Developer is free.

+ Even as a sqlplus/sh fanatic I did not feel ignored
page 6: We’re aware that you’ll never fully move from the command-line

– If you are a bit of a gray hair security admin you will be shocked by statements like page 21: create a connection for SYSTEM and page 22: Select the Save Password checkbox. This makes life easy. Hmm, do you give SYSTEM access to your developers and do your security policies recommend/allow them to save the password locally?

+ Still SQL Developer is good tool and it is driven by community. Save password is no longer the default (an old thread). You can post your own suggestions like Use Wallet for Logins to the SQL Developer Exchange.

+ There are plenty of good features in this tool and the book covers them. I like reports for instance.

= The book is still a book about click-click-click. Most of my readers here know how to drag and drop and resize windows.

PS: if it was not obvious in my comments, yes I do like this book!


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I just received my book today.

It has about 300 pages.

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my book is in Louisville

I just could not wait any longer for my free copies so I ordered my own book on amazon :mrgreen:

amazon 0977671585

I am now tracking my package …

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My book is available on

One year ago I started writing a book on SQL. Writing a book is an amazing amount of work and I am glad I got helped from my five reviewers Chen, Andrew, Tom, Marco and Lutz.

It will ship in December 2008.