Google Reader end of life

For those of my readers who were using Google Reader, here are my comments 1) backup your data, read this : 2) for the web gui, there is a one-click migration to Feedly : 3) you can import the OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file from Google Takeout into Microsoft Outlook (right click […]

New WordPress

I am using godaddy as hosting provider. It is fairly cheap and reliable, and when I moved from blogspot to my own domain, I realised the “economic” plan I was using did not allow to keep on using blogspot on my own domain (something with active/passive ftp). The wordpress tool they offered worked well, but […]

Disqus comments

I just replaced the default wordpress comments by Disqus comments. Disqus enable you to track your comments add picture and other fancy staff. I have been looking for such a plugin for a very long time (and was too foul to develop it myself). The amazing bonus with Disqus is that you can post code! […]