Google Reader end of life

For those of my readers who were using Google Reader, here are my comments

1) backup your data, read this :
2) for the web gui, there is a one-click migration to Feedly :
3) you can import the OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file from Google Takeout into Microsoft Outlook (right click on RSS Feeds –> import OPML).

Maybe you want to forget about RSS and switch to Google+ or Twitter or read orafaq or orana or install your own aggregator on your web server (e.g. tiny rss)

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Number of primes below 1000

Do not expect a SQL answer there. My daughter (9) came from school with this question, and I suspect the expected homework was to google for an answer. I am pretty schocked of such practice, teacher encouraging google to do your homework are clearly not from my generation…

Ok, back to the rules, pen and paper. We write down all numbers from 1 to 1000, we start graying out the 1, then the 4,6,8,10,12,… Then the 9 15 21 27 … Then the 25, 35, 55, … Then 7, 49, 77, … And so on.
2016-08-04 : no reader realised 7 is prime?

After having grayed out 1 one, 499 twos, 166 threes, 66 fives, 37 sevens, 20 elevens, 16 thirteens, 10 seventeens, 8 nineteens, 6 twentythrees, 2 twentynines and 1 thirtyone, we counted the remaining numbers and got to the solution. We used the calculator, to gray out numbers like 23*43. But for sure no google there.

I had a similar feeling when my boy teacher ask my boy to look for a description of some exotic butterfly on wikipedia. Is this all what new generations kids can do? Search on google?

Back to google, I once asked in an interview to a young candidate : “How would you speed up a cursor for loop that increases the salary of the employees by 10% ?”. Answer : “I would search on google”.

Not worth mentioning all my traumatic experiences with IT specialists who advise to turn on some tuning magic they found on google to solve their own performance issue with poorly written code.

Using google is good. But do your homework kids 🙂


New WordPress

I am using godaddy as hosting provider. It is fairly cheap and reliable, and when I moved from blogspot to my own domain, I realised the “economic” plan I was using did not allow to keep on using blogspot on my own domain (something with active/passive ftp).

The wordpress tool they offered worked well, but is no longer supported and they provided no upgrade path to 2.6.x, so when I installed 2.6, it just deleted all my posts, anyway I had a backup and managed to import (as sql statements) my posts in the new blog… lucky!

Please mention me any annoyance you may have with this new one !


Microsoft Word

Word 2007 allows to write a blog post and I thought I must try 🙂

  • I used Windows Live Writer to add this comment

Preserve code formatting

This plugin seems to do exactly what I am looking for, enable users to write code in comments.
Preserve Code Formatting

Please test here and give feedback

Warning: this changed the behavior of old posts too, so I have to reformat all older posts to no longer use < in code 🙁


disqus comments, part 2

I have decided to remove disqus comments. What I considered to be a bonus, that is CODE POSTING, appears to be worst than before, because the PRE tag does not work.

The main reason I switched back to last week behavior is that the COMMENT FEED does not work any longer. And I hate changes that annoy my readers.

I will keep looking for a comment plugins that allow posting of code


Disqus comments

I just replaced the default wordpress comments by Disqus comments. Disqus enable you to track your comments add picture and other fancy staff.

I have been looking for such a plugin for a very long time (and was too foul to develop it myself).

The amazing bonus with Disqus is that you can post code! Your x<1 will be code in code, not a pseudo html tag annoying more than one of my fellow reader.

Feel free to test it on this post.

Thanks to Yas for making me discover this on : Oracle Today

I hope I will not have have to many issues with this new plugin! Feedback welcome


How Much Is My Blog Worth?

Inspired by How Much Is My Blog Worth?

This is all the pain by changing domain, bye bye top position in google, bye bye backlinks…

My old blog is still active, and I hope to get equivalent ranking until end of 2007. I think it was a smart move, I have now more freedom to customize my site with any content, to edit my feed, my pages, my pictures, etc. I wish I had done it before 😮

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switched from blogspot to my own domain

Download my feed :


backup your blog!

You surely have not missed the “Amazing November 2006 Blog Catastrophe” of Mark Rittman.

I use blogger and by typing “backup blogger” in google, I found [edit]something that has been removed in the meantime (and I do not use blogger anymore) [/edit, janv 2011].

It let you change the formatting of your blog to have all your posts (max 999) and all your comments in one page. If you do not have your own ISP but use, then it will replace your blog by this not-fancy page. But just for the time to save it on your local disk and then you restore your template. Surely less than 5 minutes , unless you surf with a 100 bps or 480 bps underwater accoustic modem like this one.

I have now a dump of my blog. The size of the html file is 440k right now.


blogger beta nightmare

Do not switch to blogger beta. It failed, and everything is corrupted on my page, I cannot fix it yet (this message will probably only be readable as feed). Take care!


indian readers

I am aware indian and pakistan ISP did block access to blogspot blogs. There are some workaround available on google, for example to access my site from Pakistan, you may be able to use pkblogs

I am quite sad about this, I used to have a lot of access from India in the past (according to, and this is quite a limiting move for the indian Internet community.

Update: only relevant to my old blogger blog



Just updated my photo ! Thanks to photograph:-)


Radio Free Tooting

Radio Free Tooting is apc blog… much better written than mine! wtg apc