raptor early adopter release 3 is out

This is THE release I have been waiting for, a raptor which does NOT save the password on your local PC. Save a password, even encrypted, on you local PC allows every one with physical access to your PC to get access to your productive database, which may be high-secured and with controlled physical access.

Download immediatly on otn !

new metalink interface

I just discovered that new interface today.

Hopefully, my old bookmarks still work.

I did not find the “Tar” button. Well, it is now named “Service Request”.

I tried the ORA-600 lookup tool, Doc id 153788.1
but it does not work today, both Firefox and Explorer failed.

MS Explorer reports a Java Script error.

document.forms.0.tool_type.value is null or is not an object

Just too sad… it is a very important tool. Anyway, I could search by using “ora-600 4883” to find out what I am looking for. management agent for Unix

I just found in my RSS feed that a new agent has been released. for AIX5L. Well, if you go to the OEM download page, you will see only version for AIX, HPUX, Solaris Sparc. But by clicking on the link, for example
Grid Control (
for AIX5L Based Systems, you will find a link OEM 10g Grid Control Management Agent Release 1, from there I finally discovered that agent download.

Well, I already had, but it was a installation patched with So I prefer installing directly agent.

Not trivial to found, but hopefully, I subscribed to RSS feeds on Newest Downloads