11g release 1 patchset 1

I just notice on Sven Blog that is available. I have recently upgraded my connection at home so it took a bit less than half an hour to download this 1.5G patchset $ wget -O p6890831_111070_Linux-x86-64.zip http://oracle-updates.oracle… –10:17:40– http://oracle-updates.oracle.com/ARUConnect/p6890831_111070_Linux-x86-64.. Resolving oracle-updates.oracle.com…, Connecting to oracle-updates.oracle.com||:80… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK… Continue reading 11g release 1 patchset 1


I never used Oracle Web Conference OWC, for security reason. Today I created one SR and read first time about Demo It To Oracle (DITO). This is basically a link CamStudio.org, which is a tool that records AVI file and converts AVI to flash SWF file. This is nice to have because you do need… Continue reading DITO

Unix users will enjoy this : is available on Solaris and HPUX patchset 6810189 Still waiting for AIX…

Software Configuration Manager

I just noticed today the Web 2.0 interface of metalink : The URL is http://csm.oracle.com, like Coftware Sonfiguration Manager (or maybe Configuration Software Manager). [edit: original name is: Configuration Support Manager] It seems nice, you can customize the portal with drag and drop, their is a blog too http://blogs.oracle.com/supportportal and a feedback button I am… Continue reading Software Configuration Manager


Sven’s Technik-Blog » Blog Archive » Oracle für Linux x86 ist verfügbar… Patchset 6810189 is now available for Download on Metalink. select * from v$version; BANNER —————————————————————- Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release – Prod PL/SQL Release – Production CORE Production TNS for Linux: Version – Production NLSRTL Version… Continue reading Oracle probably not available before 2008

I blogged here that was announced for 2007Q4. Well, I have rechecked metalink and the tentative date for Linux is now 2008Q1 😕 Lutz posted about some Beta tests, I did not even know that some customers got beta version of the metalink patchsets 😈

SQL Model Unconference

I have enjoyed speaking at the unconference very much. I chose not to use anything else than a SQL file to demonstrate the capabilities. Thanks to the audience for coming. Here is the SQL file I used for the demo SQLMODEL.SQL

next patchset for Oracle 10gR2 should be available this year on Linux x86. Check Metalink Certification for different plateforms. Certify – Additional Info Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition Version 10gR2 On Linux (x86) Operating System: Linux (x86) Version SLES-10 Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition Version 10gR2 N/A Version N/A Status: Certified Product Version Note: None available for this product.… Continue reading next patchset for Oracle 10gR2

Database Internals Newsletter October 2007

Oracle Support started a series about database internals. DATABASE INTERNALS NEWSLETTER Volume 1: October, 2007 Introduction to the Internals Newsletter Support Tips on Block Corruption What Constitutes a Severity 1 Issue? Note 460494.1

installing OID Preview 1

Download oracle-oid- Download oracle-xe-univ- Install the rpm # rpm -i oracle-*.i386.rpm In SLES 10, there is no /bin/cut, let’s create a link as root to avoid a mistake when running config-oid.sh # ln -s /usr/bin/cut /bin/cut Run the configure script as root # /etc/init.d/oracle-oid configure That’s all folks! It created an Oracle XE 10gR2 database,… Continue reading installing OID Preview 1

9iR2 Desupport

REMINDER: Premier Support for Oracle Database 9.2 ends in July 2007 The 9iR2 premier support just ended. Now the 9i is under Extended Support. The good news, it is free until July 2008! First year Extended Support fee waived for Oracle9i Database Release 9.2