DELETE is faster than TRUNCATE

Truncate is useful in some serial batch processing but it breaks the read-write consistency, generates stranges errors and results for running selects, and it needs DROP ANY TABLE when run over a table that you do not own. But also, DELETE is faster in the following test case. In 12c, you could have over one […]

permission issue due to one role

Most permissions issues are due to a missing role or privilege. But in the following test case you need to revoke the right to get more privileges. create table tt(x number); create view v as select * from tt; create role rw; grant all on v to rw; I’ve created a read-write role on a […]

Open last one-note page

If you got a one-note document, you may want to automatically go to the last page. This is possible with powershell. First you create a ComObject. There are incredibly many ComObject that could be manipulated in powershell. $o = New-Object -ComObject OneNote.Application Now it get’s a bit confusing. First you open your document [ref]$x = […]