switch user in Oracle

Almost a decade ago I wrote about su in sqlplus. This 10gR2 “new” feature allows delegation à la sudo. By checking the DBA_USERS in 12c I found PROXY_ONLY_CONNECT. According to Miguel Anjo, there is a secret syntax for allowing only the proxy user. SQL> ALTER USER app_user PROXY ONLY CONNECT; SQL> CONNECT app_user/xyz ERROR:ORA-28058: login […]

comment in external table

Depending the files, you may use different signs for comments, typically # hash // slash slash /* slash-star star-slash */ : column — dash dash The latest is used in sql and pl/sql, but : CREATE TABLE t (x NUMBER) ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL ( TYPE ORACLE_LOADER DEFAULT DIRECTORY data_pump_dir ACCESS PARAMETERS ( FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘;’ […]