On deferred segment creation and truncate

One year ago, I wrote about a side effect of deferred segment creation and drop tablespace : on deferred segment creation Today I discoved one more side effect : In the good old days (I read once that you are old as soon as you start talking about the good old days) and according to […]

Check mount option in linux

I did not find a clean way to check the mount option in Linux. For instance wsize=32768 On AIX, I simply type “mount” and see the mount option… For some reasons, my Linux does not show me the complete mount options ! $ mount precision:/nfsserver on /nfsclient type nfs (rw,bg,addr= $ grep nfsclient /proc/mounts precision:/nfsserver […]

What does # mean in sqlplus?

The script used to be shutdown abort it has been replaced by #shutdown abort shutdown immediate Let’s try ! SQL> #shutdown abort ORACLE instance shut down. SQL> shutdown immediate ORA-01012: not logged on sqlplus just silently ignored the # symbol and executed the first statement. Thanks to Maxim comment, here is a new case to […]