Check if it a program is already running in Unix

There is more than one way to do it, the safe is probably to check if /home/lsc/OH_YES_I_AM_RUNNING exists and believe it. This is called the file.PID method and is widely used (Apache used to use it since a long long time). It needs file. It needs cleanup if you reboot your server in the middle […]

shell and list of files

How do you loop thru a list of files? For instance you want to archive than delete all pdf documents in the current directory : Bad practice : tar cvf f.tar *.pdf rm *.pdf There are multiple issue with the command above 1) new files could come during the tar, so the rm will delete […]

pstree in AIX

For those who do not want to download some linuxlike freeware on your aix box, use ps -T 🙂 ps -fT 2412672 UID PID PPID C STIME TTY TIME CMD oracle 2412672 1 0 Sep 05 – 0:00 /u01/app/oracle/product/OAS oracle 630956 2412672 0 Sep 05 – 6:11 \–/u01/app/oracle/prod oracle 1347672 630956 0 Sep 05 – […]

Large zip on Windows

I have never been a Microsoft fanatic nor an anti-microsoft terrorist, but today I could not believe that large compressed folders got corrupted in Windows ! I have send a relatively small zip file (5gb, peanuts) from AIX to Windows per sftp and in Windows Explorer, some files in the compressed folder (read zip) were […]

_optimizer_random_plan parameter

I was trying to find a workaround for a bug in SELECT * FROM (SELECT 2 B FROM DUAL WHERE DUMMY = ‘Y’), (SELECT 3 C FROM DUAL WHERE DUMMY LIKE ‘%’) WHERE C = B(+); B C ———- ———- 2 3 ————————————————————————— | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | […]

Ow yes it is a “c” !

Rumours about what would come after 8i (internet) 10g (grid) were around, but now it is official, there will be an Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Read more : And in the blogosphere