CSV part 4, fast !!

I got some comments that my other csv solutions were slow to export gigabytes of data. One more try. thanks to the feedbacks, I provided a new version This could generate very large files in just a few minutes (instead of hours). I use bulk collect and utl_file to boost performance CREATE TYPE collist IS […]

on materialized view constraints

Oracle is pretty strong at enforcing constraint. Table for this blog post: create table t(x number primary key, y number); For instance if you alter table t add check (y insert into t values (1,2000); insert into t values (1,2000) Error at line 1 ORA-02290: check constraint (SCOTT.SYS_C0029609) violated I believe this code to be […]

On using Toad against a database

I got this question once again today in a previous post. What’s wrong by using Toad against a database? The worst case scenario: – some non-technical staff is clicking around in your production database with read-write access 🙁 The best-case scenario : – nobody has access to your database 🙂 Here is a short list […]