[alert] Oracle agents on AIX may not work in 2011 with OMS10g

Fuadar recently wrote : Grid Control AIX Alert … Basically, if you have an 10g oms Server (any OS / any release) and aix agents (any release), and according to Note 1171558.1, communication between [10g] Oracle Management Service and [AIX] Management Agents will break due to a default self-signed certificate expiring in 31 Dec […]

How to solve ORA-4068

I was amazed by this oneliner in stackoverflow. First, let me introduce you my old foe, ORA-04068 : Session 1: SQL> CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE P AS 2 X NUMBER;Y NUMBER;END; 3 / Package created. SQL> exec P.X := 1 PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. Session 2: SQL> CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE P AS 2 X […]

SPARC Supercluster

Oracle buys Sun was an exciting accouncement 20 months ago. What did change in the Solaris/Oracle Database world? First, Oracle delivered Exadata on Sun Hardware (x86_64). Second, they delivered Exadata on Sun Solaris Operating System (x86_64). But now, they announced a combination of software and hardware that will run Oracle database faster than anything ever […]