connect by and recursive with (part 2)

According to the doc The subquery_factoring_clause now supports recursive subquery factoring (recursive WITH), which lets you query hierarchical data. This feature is more powerful than CONNECT BY in that it provides depth-first search and breadth-first search, and supports multiple recursive branches. A new search_clause and cycle_clause let you specify an ordering for the rows and […]

where is the TRIGGER ANY TABLE privilege?

You have your table data in one schema and your procedures in another one. But can you have triggers and tables in different schemas? SYS@lsc01> create user u1 identified by u1; User created. SYS@lsc01> create user u2 identified by u2; User created. SYS@lsc01> grant create table, unlimited tablespace to u1; Grant succeeded. SYS@lsc01> grant create […]