on analytics and superaggregation

When I wrote my book, I did not expect having the advanced Oracle sql features available on other dabatase engine. This week-end I downloaded for fun a try of db2, v9.7. 1) download db2 linux64bit trial on ibm.com 2) install enterprise edition (next-next-install principle) 3) create the instance 4) create the sample database (where database […]

Oracle – Sun, what has changed ?

Did you go to http://www.sun.com recently? You will land on oracle.com ! But more will come. The conference JavaOne will be in SanFrancisco with Oracle OpenWorld. The Sun Developer Network and Bigadmin will be integrated in OTN. Welcome Sun Developers Ensuring community continuity MySql and java.sun.com have the Oracle logo. That was fast! Well, Oracle […]

what is the type of NULL

I was a bit surprised to see a VARCHAR2(0) column in my schema select column_name, data_type, data_length from user_tab_columns where table_name=’V’; COLUMN_NAME DATA_TYPE DATA_LENGTH ————— ——————– ———– X VARCHAR2 0 What’s this datatype? It is the datatype of NULL !!! SQL> create or replace view v as select null x from dual View created. SQL> […]