Oracle buys Sun : followup

After months of harassment between Oracle and Europe Commission, the deals got approved by the European Commission. Still MySQL founder Monty Widenius wants to have Russia and China reject the deal to save the future of MySQL… This will delay the deals further. Good for IBM, bad for Oracle !

How many decimals do you need?

Do you user NUMBER or NUMBER(p,s) for your datatypes? I posted last year about 1!=1 Today I realized this could be solved with the scale 🙂 SQL> drop table lsc_t Table dropped. SQL> create table lsc_t(x number, y number(*,6)) Table created. SQL> insert into lsc_t values (1/3*3,1/3*3) 1 row created. SQL> commit Commit complete. SQL> […]

Happy New Year 2010

It is quite a while I have not posted anything of interest, I pretty apologize to my faithful readers… the reason for being offline are multiple, one of them, I cannot access my blog from my workplace yet. Ok, the last hint from my dba regarding Oracle Support : If flash really drives you nuts, […]