future release dates of 11gR2

HPUX Itanium, Sun Sparc/x86_64, AIX –> october-december 2009
Windows, HPUX Risc –> april-june 2010
Ref: Release Schedule of Current Database Patch Sets

Dates will change, keep an eye on the schedule, and do not base your business on expected dates ! Please be patient 🙂

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. I’m surprised to see solaris x86_64 in the list for Q42009.
    I thought that, as 11gR1 is still not available for this platform that oracle had marked it as obsolete.
    But according to the schedule it will be released before the windows version…

  2. That page is now showing Q1CY2010 as the release date for Windows x64 and 332 bit. So that means it should be out by Mar 31.

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