future release dates of 11gR2

HPUX Itanium, Sun Sparc/x86_64, AIX –> october-december 2009 Windows, HPUX Risc –> april-june 2010 Ref: Release Schedule of Current Database Patch Sets Dates will change, keep an eye on the schedule, and do not base your business on expected dates ! Please be patient 🙂

jdbc hello world

I am in a java mood today, let’s check how to print hello world with jdbc 🙂 import java.sql.*; public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) throws SQLException { DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver()); ResultSet res = DriverManager. getConnection(“jdbc:oracle:thin:@srv1:1521:DB01”, “scott”, “tiger”). prepareCall(“select ‘Hello World’ txt from dual”). executeQuery(); res.next(); System.out.println(res.getString(“TXT”)); } } let’s compile javac -classpath […] is the latest patchset for 11gR1

You will get CPU and even PSU (Patch Set Updates are proactive cumulative patches comprised of recommended bug fixes that are released on a regular and predictable schedule) But no more patchset. This the first time I see a release with only 1 pachset. Well, if you use Linux, you can go to 11gR2. Otherwise […]


Something I like in ksh is to change from /my/old/directory/path to /my/new/directory/path by typing cd old new. This does not work in bash So I had to find a workaround 😉 $ ksh $ cd /app/oracle/product/ $ cd 6 7 $ pwd /app/oracle/product/ $ bash $ cd 7 6 bash: cd: 7: No such file […]

CONNECT no longer has CREATE VIEW, what’s next?

In my current project we are going to move from 9i to 10g really soon. One of the typical issue is to get the right privileges, because the schema owners typically had only CONNECT and RESOURCE, and that does no longer include CREATE VIEW in 10gR2. I was just reading the 11gR2 readme today : […]

stragg in 11gR2

This will be a killer in the Oracle forums 😉 LISTAGG (measure_expr [, ‘delimiter_expr’]) WITHIN GROUP (order_by_clause) [OVER query_partition_clause] for instance SELECT LISTAGG(ename,’,’) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY ename) FROM emp; ADAMS,ALLEN,BLAKE,CLARK,FORD,JAMES,JONES,KING,MARTIN,MILLER,SCOTT,SMITH,TURNER,WARD