on recycle bin

more than one user may wondered who created those BIN$ when they first connected to a 10g database. create table lsc_t(x number) partition by range(x) (partition LESS_THAN_ONE values less than (1)); drop table lsc_t; select object_name, subobject_name, created from user_objects where object_name like ‘BIN$%’; OBJECT_NAME SUBOBJECT_NAME CREATED —————————— ————— ——— BIN$bh2VJ6FqFJ3gRAAUT+rFpg==$0 LESS_THAN_ONE 07-JUL-09 Ok, it […]

select from comma-separated list

This is asked over and over in the forums, but why not proposing an 11g solution here 😉 create table t(description varchar2(12) primary key, numbers varchar2(4000)); insert into t(description, numbers) values (‘PRIME’,’2,3,5,7′); insert into t(description, numbers) values (‘ODD’,’1,3,5,7,9′); commit; DESCRIPTION NUMBERS PRIME 2,3,5,7 ODD 1,3,5,7,9 Now I want to unpivot numbers in rows select description,(column_value).getnumberval() […]