the idea of this post was largely inspired by nuke_y on (in French) I will try to rephrase it in a hierarchical way. Let’s take all managers of Adams in EMP : SELECT empno, ename, mgr FROM emp CONNECT BY NOCYCLE PRIOR mgr = empno START WITH ename = ‘ADAMS’; EMPNO ENAME MGR ———- […]

return code before grep

In my previous post hide-password-from-ps-output-sql-loader I mentioned a way to pass the password to the loader thru a parameter file. As correctly suggested by Brian Tkatch, the password could be passed as standard input sqlldr control=x.ctl silent=header,feedback

Hide password from ps output : sql loader

By reporting the process status with ps, any Unix user will see the command line arguments ps -ef UID PID PPID C STIME TTY TIME CMD lsc 13837 13825 0 May 11 pts/17 0:01 -ksh oracle 4698 6294 0 12:00:40 ? 0:00 sqlplus -s system/manager appluser 4229 4062 0 12:00:03 ? 0:00 sqlldr scott/tiger applrun0 […]

future of MySQL

a google search on oracle and mysql will returns concerns about the future of MySQL. When SUN bought mysql, the enthousiasm was also not unanimous in the opensource community. But now it really need repositioning. I was just reading : Deploy an unlimited number of MySQL Enterprise Servers for the price of a single […]