ora-984 and sqlerrm

What’s wrong with this code ? Connected to: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production With the Partitioning option JServer Release – Production SQL> drop table lsc_t ; Table dropped. SQL> create table lsc_t (x varchar2(255), y date); Table created. SQL> begin 2 null; 3 exception when others then 4 insert into lsc_t […]

grant access to trace files

As a developer, you sometimes need to contact your dba to get an user trace. As a dba, sending trace files to developer is not much fun. But how do you get access to your traces without any dba ? One way could be to set _trace_files_public=true, but this is bad. It is undocumented, it […]

Oracle buys Sun

http://www.oracle.com/sun I really enjoyed this news. It is both my favorite OS (Solaris) and my favorite database (Oracle) committing to a common future. I have been more than sceptical about Oracle Linux and Oracle Database Machine entering the Datacenter world, but now I feel relieved that Oracle is putting value in acquiring serious database platform […]

Oracle on Mac

I just read a post from Barry Mc Gillin about apex on MacOsX. After having being using Vista for one year, I would really welcome a Mac as my next notebook. But what about Oracle Database on Mac OS X? According to otn, the latest release as of today is a deprecated 10gR1 for the […]

not a group by expression?

How do I count all objects in the current schema? SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Wed Apr 1 09:58:46 2009 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected to: Oracle 12g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production With the Expensive option SQL> select 2 user, 3 count(*) 4 from 5 user_objects 6 […]