SOUG-Tagung 09/2

I am impatient to speak in the swiss oracle user group next month March 18, 2009, Baden-Daettwil I will be presenting an XML session regarding selecting XML from the database. select xmlserialize(document xmlcol) from agenda;   12:00 Empfang und Registrierung SOUG Sekretariat 12:30 Stehlunch im Foyer Seminarraum Schottky 13:00 21. Ordentliche Generalversammlung der SOUG, […]

Tuning query over database link

I just learnt from a colleague a very useful hint for remote databases. Over a db link, Oracle does not have the necessary statistics to take the right decision. Here is the test case : DB01 create database link lsc_link_2 using ‘DB02’; create table lsc_small_1 as select rownum x from dual connect by level