New WordPress

I am using godaddy as hosting provider. It is fairly cheap and reliable, and when I moved from blogspot to my own domain, I realised the “economic” plan I was using did not allow to keep on using blogspot on my own domain (something with active/passive ftp). The wordpress tool they offered worked well, but […]

one more OCE certification

I have passed my Oracle 9i Certified Master exam in 2004. Since then the 10g exam has been in preparation. Well, according to dba10gocm_upgrade the OCM Upgrade exam content has not been finalized. There is also an OCM Member restricted website. In case you have the password, you can read : More Great Benefits Coming […]

select in HTML format, XQUERY variant

Same as Select in html format, but with XMLTABLE instead of XMLTRANSFORM select xmlroot( xmlelement( “table”, xmlconcat( xmltype( ‘ DEPTNO DNAME LOC ‘), xmlagg(column_value) ) ),version ‘1.0’ ) from xmltable(‘ for $f in ora:view(“LSC_DEPT”) return {$f/ROW/DEPTNO/text()} {$f/ROW/DNAME/text()} {$f/ROW/LOC/text()} ‘); XMLROOT(XMLELEMENT(“TABLE”,XMLCONCAT(XMLTYPE(‘ ————————————————– DEPTNO DNAME LOC 10 ACCOUNTING NEW YORK 20 RESEARCH DALLAS 30 SALES CHICAGO 40 […]