updatedb does not work with samba drives and cygwin

updatedb and locate are parts of the findutils package, which exists since a long time on most unix / linux flavors. Something I never get worked is to search for files on network drives with Cygwin, I always got : find: /cygdrive/y/Favorites/Links/del changed during execution of find (old inode number -474324984, new inode number -44545478 […]

11g release 1 patchset 1

I just notice on Sven Blog that is available. I have recently upgraded my connection at home so it took a bit less than half an hour to download this 1.5G patchset $ wget -O p6890831_111070_Linux-x86-64.zip http://oracle-updates.oracle… –10:17:40– http://oracle-updates.oracle.com/ARUConnect/p6890831_111070_Linux-x86-64.. Resolving oracle-updates.oracle.com…, Connecting to oracle-updates.oracle.com||:80… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK […]

About case sensitivity

SQL is a case insensitive language. That means, you can write any SQL statement in uppercase or lowercase. SQL> SELECT DUMMY FROM DUAL; D – X SQL> select dummy from dual; D – X Some formatters like Toad and some courseware like Skillsoft E-Learning advise to use UPPERCASE for commands and lowercase for tables and […]

Hey, we have a journeyman !

Congrats to Denes Kubicek for being the first journeyman on OTN. OTN stars Justin and Nicolas (18954 and 15321 posts) do not get this title, as we Oracle Ace are sticked to our Ace logos. OTN upgraded the forums recently, many posts about this : OTN Forums – Change the look and feel yourself OTN […]

puzzled by Toad

one colleague just showed me how to insert duplicate rows in a table that has a primary key. create table t(x number primary key);[F5] Table created. insert into t values (1);[F5] 1 row created. insert into t values (1);[F5] 1 row created. Hey, what happened? It took me quite a while to figure out which […]