I noticed a side effect of SET LONGC today… The default setting for LONG and LONGC is 80. This is quite annoying when you SELECT TEXT FROM ALL_VIEWS as it truncates the text to 80. So why not setting it to the maximum? Let’s first demo the usage of LINESIZE, LONG and LONGCHUNKSIZE SQL> create […]

certification blog

I just notice a new blog on : Oracle Certification Blog This is probably the right place to ask questions or get news about certification. Out of the many questions I may ask here are just a few I am preparing. – When will the OCM upgrade for 9i OCM be available ? – […]

Start Oracle in Vista with one click

I have been using Vista for about 3 months and finally found a way to start my databases with a single click 🙂 The method I used until yesterday was a .BAT file that starts the services, I had then to right click on the shortcut, run as administrator, confirm the UAC warning. 3 Clicks. […]