alter user identified by values in 11g

I wrote about dba_users changes in 11g . When spooling alter user commands in 11g, it is important to understand the mechanism. Oracle 11g supports both sensitive and insensitive passwords. When issuing an CREATE/ALTER USER IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD, both the insensitive and the sensitive hashes are saved. SQL> create user u identified by u; User […]

Software Configuration Manager

I just noticed today the Web 2.0 interface of metalink : The URL is, like Coftware Sonfiguration Manager (or maybe Configuration Software Manager). [edit: original name is: Configuration Support Manager] It seems nice, you can customize the portal with drag and drop, their is a blog too and a feedback button I am […]

take care of minus !

Imagine this script (10gR2) : set echo on select BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY – BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY from DUAL; Run it and you would will get an expected result! SQL> select BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY – > BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY from DUAL; BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY ———————- Inf The issue in sqlplus is that – at the end of line means “query continues next line”. The correct answer […]