backup bigfile tablespace

One may pretend bigfile tablespace is bad, because you cannot backup/restore in parallel. SQL> create bigfile tablespace big datafile size 1g; Tablespace created. RMAN> configure device type disk parallelism 4; using target database control file instead of recovery catalog old RMAN configuration parameters: CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE DISK PARALLELISM 4 BACKUP TYPE TO COMPRESSED BACKUPSET; new […]

Please send me free OCP questions…

Dear Friends, Planning to appear for Oracle DB 10g: Administration I exam, Would be very grateful if you send across braindumps/questions/tips related to that. Pl mail to this id : *** Many Thanks, *** When I appeared to my first multiple choice question exam by Prometrics back in 1997, there were no brain dumps, no […]

alter database add logfile size 1e7;

I am in the processing in adding logfiles to a 10gR2 database. SQL> alter database add logfile group 10 size 1e7; Database altered. $ ls -l -rw-r—– 1 oracle 10000896 Nov 1 15:00 o1_mf_10_3lmq05ld_.log The file size is 10,000,896 bytes. What about this : SQL> alter database drop logfile group 10; Database altered. SQL> alter […]