backup bigfile tablespace

One may pretend bigfile tablespace is bad, because you cannot backup/restore in parallel. SQL> create bigfile tablespace big datafile size 1g; Tablespace created. RMAN> configure device type disk parallelism 4; using target database control file instead of recovery catalog old RMAN configuration parameters: CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE DISK PARALLELISM 4 BACKUP TYPE TO COMPRESSED BACKUPSET; new […]

Create edition

In 2006, I blogged about 11g new features part II. At that time 11g was in alpha or early beta stage. One of the new feature announced at OpenWorld 2006 was multiversioning. Like you have multiple versions of your packages running at the same time. Unfortunately, the feature has not been implemented in 11g Release […] probably not available before 2008

I blogged here that was announced for 2007Q4. Well, I have rechecked metalink and the tentative date for Linux is now 2008Q1 😕 Lutz posted about some Beta tests, I did not even know that some customers got beta version of the metalink patchsets 😈

Xiangqi Schweizermeister 2007

I played the Chinese Chess Championship in Zurich today. It was a all-play-all tournament with Siegfried Huber (2nd with 1.5/3), Luca Rusconi (2nd with 1.5/3) and Beat Sprenger (4th with 0/3). I finished first with 3 wins out of 3 games. It was an intense day, thanks to Beat for the organization and to Luca […]

random statements

I read the ultimate excuse database and checked if I can use model to do generate random statements: with t as ( select ‘%E and %E are travelling to %L.’ fmt from dual union all select ‘About %N employees live in %L.’ from dual) select str from t model reference dept on ( select loc,count(*) […]

What is ROWNUM=1 ?

Is rownum=1 the first row returned? well, it depends : select rownum, ename from emp order by ename; ROWNUM ENAME ———- ———- 11 ADAMS 2 ALLEN 6 BLAKE 7 CLARK 13 FORD 12 JAMES 4 JONES 9 KING 5 MARTIN 14 MILLER 8 SCOTT 1 SMITH 10 TURNER 3 WARD The ROWNUM is evaluated before […]

Wake up SF, Oracle is coming !

I just arrived at San Francisco and meet my colleague Daniel and Lutz Hartmann. Thanks Dani for driving us to SF and thanks Lutz for the Indian food in the restaurant where we ended last year during Blogger 2006 Meetup 🙂 . By the way do not miss 2007 Meetup organized by Mark Rittman : […]

get certified at openworld

On Sunday you can assist to the 11g exam cram from 9am to 5pm. It may be too late to register, I tried anyway : 11g db Exam Cram Then you may want to get your OCP credentials for a discount price. on-site testing The Oracle Database 11g New Features for Administrators exam will be […]

Please send me free OCP questions…

Dear Friends, Planning to appear for Oracle DB 10g: Administration I exam, Would be very grateful if you send across braindumps/questions/tips related to that. Pl mail to this id : *** Many Thanks, *** When I appeared to my first multiple choice question exam by Prometrics back in 1997, there were no brain dumps, no […]

alter database add logfile size 1e7;

I am in the processing in adding logfiles to a 10gR2 database. SQL> alter database add logfile group 10 size 1e7; Database altered. $ ls -l -rw-r—– 1 oracle 10000896 Nov 1 15:00 o1_mf_10_3lmq05ld_.log The file size is 10,000,896 bytes. What about this : SQL> alter database drop logfile group 10; Database altered. SQL> alter […]