next patchset for Oracle 10gR2 should be available this year on Linux x86. Check Metalink Certification for different plateforms. Certify – Additional Info Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition Version 10gR2 On Linux (x86) Operating System: Linux (x86) Version SLES-10 Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition Version 10gR2 N/A Version N/A Status: Certified Product Version Note: None available for this product. […]

ContentDB installation

Yesterday I installed ContentDB. The installation is fairly straightforward. Download and install Oracle Identity Management OID Install the Infrastructure, with the Identity Management and Repository, including Internet Directory, Single Sign-on, Delegated Administration Services and Directory provisioning This will create a database. The default parameters are too low for contentDB. alter system set processes=250 […]

What is bigger than infinity?

Nan select BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY INF, BINARY_DOUBLE_NAN NAN, greatest(BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY, BINARY_DOUBLE_NAN) GRE from t; INF NAN GRE — — — Inf Nan Nan Nan means not a number. It could be square root of -1, log of -1, 0/0, acos(1000), Inf-Inf, etc… select SQRT(-1d), LN(-1d), 0/0d, acos(1000d), BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY-BINARY_DOUBLE_INFINITY from t; SQR LN- 00D ACO BIN — — — […]