SQL Expert?

I have attended the sql certified expert beta exam this morning. There were a lot of errors in it, I added in the comment that they have to groundly review their regular expressions questions. There were a lot of rubbish question, but hardly any challenge, it is more like detecting the incorrect syntax. So I […]

ORA-01466: unable to read data – table definition has changed

I re-edited this post and it is unresolved yet. I thought it was related to system time, but apparently not 😮 SQL> create table t(x number); Table created. SQL> set transaction read only ; Transaction set. SQL> select * from t; select * from t * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01466: unable to read data […]

v$session_longops in 10gR2

I have read an excellent overview of DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO in Andy Campbell blog on If only… I have written a procedure P which is executing 5 statements. I want to add the name of the procedure P as a target. I do not want to hardcode the name however… So I can use $$PLSQL_UNIT in 10gR2 […]