Configure OID with SSL

First you need to install OID. Check the Installation Guide, the Doc and download the Software. If you do not need the dbconsole, stop it (emctl stop dbconsole) and remove the oracle_home/hostname_sid directory Once you have a running OID, test it with ldapsearch. For this workshop, I use two servers and two usernames. Having the […]

why is bitmap index not designed for OLTP

In case you do not know it yet, having a bitmap on columns like GENDER(male/female) is a very bad practice in OLTP, because each insert does lock the whole table create table t(name varchar2(10), gender varchar2(10)); create bitmap index bi on t(gender); +——————————–+ +——————————–+ | Session 1 | | Session 2 | +——————————–+ +——————————–+ | […]

How to load BLOB in the database?

I have been asked yesterday how to read and write blobs in the database. With java : read from an input stream InputStream myBlobInputStream = connection . createStatement() . executeQuery(“select myBlob from t”) . getBlob(1) . getBinaryStream(); write to an output stream OutputStream myBlobStream = connection . createStatement() . executeQuery(“select myBlob from t for update”) […]

xhost + is a huge security hole

Maybe you have a firewall in your company, only your PC can access the production server, only you have the root password in prod, and your company spend a lot of money in security, but you dare using xhost +. This is a huge security hole, because it gives anyone access to your X resources, […]