user identified externally with SSL certificate

Today I configured my database to identify users with certificates.

Check my previous post listener with tcps to find out how to configure a listener with SSL, which is a requisite.

Ok, I have a listener.ora and a tnsnames.ora with SSL. I do not need a sqlnet.ora, the default values work.





# empty file

Now I have one user, lsc, which is going to connect with its own certificate. First, I need to create a wallet for that user. I run owm as lsc, I create a new wallet, a new certification request with the DN:CN=lsc, I copy/paste my certification request in the CA server, I import the user certificate, and I save it in the system default, /etc/ORACLE/WALLETS/lsc.

Now I need to trust that certificate, so I export my user certificate to a file, and make that file readable for oracle. As oracle, I run the wallet manager owm, I import the trusted user certificate, and I save in system default, /etc/ORACLE/WALLETS/oracle.

One more thing I need to configure now is the wallet location for lsc in the sqlnet parameter file. To avoid conflicts, I create a specific sqlnet for that user in homedir called .sqlnet.ora (with a leading dot).



Last thing to do : create the user in sqlplus.

SQL> show parameter os_authent_prefix

NAME               VALUE
------------------ ------------------------------
os_authent_prefix  ops$

SQL> create user ops$lsc identified externally as 'CN=lsc';

User created.

SQL> grant create session to ops$lsc;

Grant succeeded.

Now I can remotely log on my database without a password.

SQL> connect /@LSC07

listener with tcps

How can you use SSL to encrypt your network traffic?

Here is how I did it.

  1. Install Oracle Certification Authority 10.1.4
  2. you need a CA to approve a certification request

  3. Install Oracle Database 10gR2 Enterprise Edition with Advanced Security Options
  4. Start Wallet Manager
  5. from Database Oracle Home, start $ORACLE_HOME/bin/owm

  6. create a new Wallet
  7. define a password

  8. add certificate request
  9. fill the fields or chose advanced :

  10. Start OCA
  11. from OCA home, start $ORACLE_HOME/oca/bin/ocactl start

  12. Open OCA homepage
  13. Open your browser on
    Install the ROOTca in your browser

  14. Request a new certificate
  15. Server/SubCA Certificates – Request a certificate – Paste String from OWM

  16. Approve the certificate
  17. log on the admin page,
    define your identity, then in Certificate Management, select the certification request and approve it.

  18. Import the certificate in OWM
  19. Select the approved certificate, view details.
    In owm, import user certificate , and copy paste the BASE64 string.
    To get the CA string, download the CA certificate from

  20. Save the wallet
  21. The certificate should show [Ready]
    Select Autologin
    Save in system default (/etc/ORACLE/WALLETS/oracle)

Ok, we are now ready to use the TCPS protocol



Start the listener
$ lsnrctl start
The command completed successfully

Test it!
$ sqlplus scott/tiger@lsc01
Connected to:
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production