Critical Patch Update

The critical patch update for january is released. However, not for every version.

Already in CPU Oct 2006, many versions were delayed. The release date of 10gR1 Tru64 for example was Nov 15, but the note has not been updated for months. Linux was released so late (29 Dec), that the CPU2006OCT-9208 is considered to be CPU2007JAN (patch 5490859). For, there is no CPU2007JAN

I applied both 9208-cpu2006oct and 10105-cpu2007jan to my notebook database.

Both complained about not existing XDB schema, but I ignore those (I have no XDB schema). Otherwise it went fine.

I apply the CPU as soon as released for testing purpose. However, applying the CPU as soon as possible in PROD does not apply to most of my customers.

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  1. good morning,
    “For, there is no CPU2007JAN”, from what I understand it may arrive later: the note 403335.1 says that definitive information about vulnerabilities in will be made vailable when the CPU for will be released”.
    Will it be close to the April CPU?
    thank you for your blogging effort,

  2. well, the note 403325.1 display as Not applicable, which is certainly later than Feb 5, but, you know, I am not sure whether Feb 5 is in February 👿

    As written yesterday, db patch was announced for Siebel customers, but no mention in the note.

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