OEM 10gR3 is out!

emgrid is not the second patchset of 10gR2, it is Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Release 3. Well, it is still called a patch set and must be applied to or But it is a new release ! You can download the soft and the doc on otn http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/oem/index.html Out of the […]

Monitoring the age of the last backup with OEM

My customer wants to receive alerts if a database has not been backed up (either unsuccessful backup or no backup) for ages. As the customer have Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR2, I started using User Defined Metric (UDM) yesterday. Thanks Troy for his comment at OEM Generic Service I would do 2 checks, backup […]

Critical Patch Update

The critical patch update for january is released. However, not for every version. Already in CPU Oct 2006, many versions were delayed. The release date of 10gR1 Tru64 for example was Nov 15, but the note has not been updated for months. Linux was released so late (29 Dec), that the CPU2006OCT-9208 is considered […]

RAC workshop

As announced, I have been speaking for Credit Suisse employees last week. The objective was to give the database project and team leaders the keys arguments for going or not going to RAC. First : what is RAC ? Oracle Real Application Cluster. You have a shared storage, and two instances accessing the same database. […]

Fit for RAC

I will be speaking tomorrow in German and Wednesday in English in Credit Suisse Bank. The workshop is about the differences between single instance and RAC Some of them : architecture, availability, scalability, manageability, skills required, price. I will talk also about the operational aspects, upgrade, dictionary, parameter file.

Paul Moen article on MONTHS_BETWEEN

I have been shocked by Paul Moen article on MONTHS_BETWEEN. Here is my own case : SQL> select months_between( date ‘2000-03-01’, date ‘2000-02-28’) * 31 from dual; 4 Incredible! I have always been very careful with months_between because of the documented end_of_month behaviour (there is one month between 30-APR and 31-MAY), but I did not […]