Monitoring the age of the last backup with OEM

My customer wants to receive alerts if a database has not been backed up (either unsuccessful backup or no backup) for ages. As the customer have Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR2, I started using User Defined Metric (UDM) yesterday. Thanks Troy for his comment at OEM Generic Service I would do 2 checks, backup […]

Paul Moen article on MONTHS_BETWEEN

I have been shocked by Paul Moen article on MONTHS_BETWEEN. Here is my own case : SQL> select months_between( date ‘2000-03-01’, date ‘2000-02-28’) * 31 from dual; 4 Incredible! I have always been very careful with months_between because of the documented end_of_month behaviour (there is one month between 30-APR and 31-MAY), but I did not […]