Oracle 9iR2 desupport

How long is Oracle 9iR2/10g going to be supported? Infinitely!

Metalink updated the upcoming desupport advisory.

For 8iR3, you had something like :

Error Correction Support (ECS):     31-DEC-2004
Extended Support (ES):              31-DEC-2007
Extended Maintenance Support (EMS): 31-DEC-2006

Now for 9iR2, 10gR1, 10gR2, you have this :

Release  GA Date   Premier   Extended  Sustaining
                   Support   Support   Support
-------  --------  --------  --------  ----------
DB 9.2   Jul 2002  Jul 2007  Jul 2010  Indefinite
DB 10.1  Jan 2004  Jan 2009  Jan 2012  Indefinite
DB 10.2  Jul 2005  Jul 2010  Jul 2013  Indefinite

Sustaining support is less than extended support, you do not get upgrade script and compatibility with new products (ex: connection from 9i client to Oracle 14x is not supported). But it let you keep your very old stuff supported by Oracle.

Read more :
Oracle Lifetime Support Policy Datasheet PDF 110K
Oracle Technical Support Policies PDF 258K

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  1. Presumably this means that 8i sites have now had their last ever CPU and any exploits not already fixed are going to remain unfixed. That should make the January CPU an interesting read.

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