SOUG last week

The documents from last SOUG special interest group with Tom Kyte are now available for downloadable on the homepage (under history). The day started with Sven Vetter, who talked about SLA management pack for Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR2. We saw also how to define a custom shell script and let OEM generate a […]


There is a bug about NLS_LANG and SWITZERLAND in 10g. This is because the tausend separator has changed from 9i (.) to 10g (‘). Check Note 4598613.8 The workaround is to not use NLS_LANG=german_switzerland, but if you have different NLS parameters on the client and on the server, than you will have other problems, ex: […]


I often see questions like How do you get the row of each department with the highest salary In case you only want 1 row, you have two modern solutions : Analytics, which is trend, and KEEP, which is not very known The old fashion would be something like where s in (select max()) Ok, […]

wget from otn

wget is a well-known command line utility for downloading files from the internet/intranet. I like to use the limit-rate, so that my coworkers still can surf. Until today, I never succeeded to download from otn, because wgetting software required me to log in and accept the export restriction How to automate login is actually extremly […]

generate dml

I just discovered that cool new function in SQL/Developer just right click on the table and chose export sql insert — INSERTING into EMP Insert into “EMP” (“EMPNO”,”ENAME”,”JOB”,”MGR”, “HIREDATE”,”SAL”,”COMM”,”DEPTNO”) values (7369 ,’SMITH’,’CLERK’,7902,to_date(‘1980-12-17’, ‘DD-MON-RR’),800,null,20); Insert into “EMP” (“EMPNO”,”ENAME”,”JOB”,”MGR”, “HIREDATE”,”SAL”,”COMM”,”DEPTNO”) values (7499 ,’ALLEN’,’SALESMAN’,7698,to_date(‘1981-02-20’, ‘DD-MON-RR’),1600,300,30); Insert into “EMP” (“EMPNO”,”ENAME”,”JOB”,”MGR”, “HIREDATE”,”SAL”,”COMM”,”DEPTNO”) values (7521 ,’WARD’,’SALESMAN’,7698,to_date(‘1981-02-22’, ‘DD-MON-RR’),1250,500,30); Insert into “EMP” (“EMPNO”,”ENAME”,”JOB”,”MGR”, […]