oas-console Originally uploaded by laurentschneider. I installed OAS 10.1.3 on my notebook. Why? well, just to test if it is installable… and to justify my need of 2Gb of memory to my boss 😉 Ok, SLES10 is not certified yet, Not even planned yet on metalink. But it will definitely be certified one day. The […]

Oracle Password Repository

I checked this tool today : http://sourceforge.net/projects/opr This tool provide a simple way of not hardcoding passwords in shell scripts. Hardcoding passwords in shell scripts is a bad practice. The source code may be shared by many developers, may resides on unsecure servers (CVS), may be printed, etc… The passwords may change often too. This […]

Installation Oracle on Suse Linux Enterprise 10

How neat is Suse! I downloaded the DVD SLES10 on Novell.com. At the installation time, appart from Gnome, Development, X Window, there are a few new categories. One of them is called Oracle Database, and guess what, it installs all what I needed for Oracle. It creates an oracle account, with oinstall as primary group […]