Oracle 7 Apero

Today we definitely shutdown our last productive Oracle7 database. Quite good news actually, I can now use set newp none, sqlplus “/ as sysdba” in all my scripts, svrmgrl is no longer needed (well, sometimes in 8i to do abort, but this is rare), and we garbage a hudge bin of reference manuals and cds! […]


mod_plsql is an oracle module for Apache. Let’s do it from A to Z. I install HTTP server. In 10g, it is located on the companion cd and requires a separate oracle home. I copy my tnsnames.ora in COMPANIONHOME/network/admin Then, I configure COMPANIONHOME/Apache/modplsql/conf/dads.conf <Location /helloworld> SetHandler pls_handler PlsqlDatabaseUsername scott PlsqlDatabasePassword tiger PlsqlDatabaseConnectString LSC01 </Location> I […]


I posted yesterday some of my aliases. My favorite (and most obfuscated) one is the following (for bash) eval $(awk -F: ‘/^[+a-zA-Z]/{l=tolower($1); sub(“^+”,””,l); print “alias “l”=47x=”$2″;PATH=${PATH//$ORACLE_HOME/$x}; ORACLE_HOME=$x; ORACLE_SID=”$1″; echo ORACLE_SID=”$1”; 47; “}’ /etc/oratab 2>/dev/null) I am setting my path and a default sid/home in my .profile [ -z “$ORACLE_SID” ] && export ORACLE_SID=LSC01 export ORACLE_HOME=$(sed […]

OCM preparation

The OCM 10g Upgrade is currently under development, and the OCM 10g exam should be available in May. How will I prepare for the 10g OCM? Part I, get confident with the environment : According to, the exam will be on redhat AS3 with DB RHAS3 is not free. If I had not […]