solaris x86-64 is out

Oracle Release a solaris release for the intel/amd 64bits platform.

This is the first release ever from oracle on solaris x86-64.

Download Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( for Solaris Operating System (x86-64) now

isqlplus and sqlplusw desupport

isqlplus and sqlplusw (gui sqlplus windows) will be desupported in 2010. Read Note 359855.1 and Note 359859.1 on Metalink.

Oracle recommends migrating to Raptor (SQLDeveloper) or to Application Express (HTMLDB) or command line sqlplus.

Oracle Support apparently does not know that Raptor changed name before going to production, well, names change so often, it is difficult to know them all!

dba workshop

Last week I gave an internal 2-days dba course. All three students had good experience of filesystem backup and unix, but hardly any oracle experience.

I figured out recovery is more complex than I thought! By explaining to other, how often do you realise do you do not know the answer yourself? It has been very educative to me too…

First inconsistency I discovered :
I tried to simulate a disaster by removing all controlfiles, redologs, datafiles. I expected the students to notice “something”. But, O Surprise, the db kept running, nothing written in alert logs, it was possible to create and drop tables, nothing went wrong (but they were no files). Probably the OS has not notified the file were no more there, and Oracle opened the files already. Strange. Even SHUTDOWN has been successful! But of course STARTUP did not work.

Next time I prepare a B&R workshop, I must invest time to check that a disaster is effective!

Second inconsistency:

Report unrecoverable datafiles and validate backups. I wrote this in the rman technology forum this morning: REPORT NEED BACKUP is not suffisant to have consistent backups, nor RESTORE VALIDATE DATABASE!

More inconsistencies :
somehow, when users are doing backups with nocatalog and try to restore with the recovery manager catalog, it is not working. Well, it is not that surprising, but it really increases the difficulty of recovery procedures!

However, those “inconsitencies” were good in this informal training, feedback from students was positive, we did “survive” all those problems and they realised RMAN recovery is not as simple as RMAN backup…

oracle days

I was yesterday at Oracle Days. I have met a dozen of people I know, and was pleased to see Troy, who gave me one more tip for installing EM grid on a high availability cluster. I also saw Lutz, which announced me the workshop with Jonathan Lewis in a few weeks

I took two photos with my new handy, one with my collegue Zarko and one with the Oracle Partner Chocolate I gave to my daughter 🙂

OCM 10g

The 10g OCM practicum, expected for 2004, is now officially launched.

Oracle Database 10g Certified Master Exam

Well, depending on your country, you will get a
ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: invalid LOB locator specified: ORA-22275. In this case, just change your country to United States. Then you will see the details.

If you want to register, you probably need to wait a little bit more :

A public event is not currently available for this offering. To express your interest in a future publicly scheduled event, or, if you would like Oracle University to contact you regarding other options, please Not finding the course or date that you’re looking for? Let us know!

In addition to 10g New features like bigfile tablespaces, ASM, Flashback DB and Datapump, the 10g OCM includes RAC, logical standby, Grid Control and Performance Tuning assistants. Quite promising…

The 10g OCM upgrade is currently in developement. But I do not expect it to be available in my country or neighbour country in 2006.

10gR2 patchset 1

the patchset 1 of database 10gR2 is available on AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Linux and Windows yet.

download patch 4547817 on metalink

As a habit of changing name of everything, the catpatch sql script has been renamed to catupgrd